Naša priča

Bata and Vladan. Two friends. Both family people, accomplished in their professions, with a number of awards and a plenty of friends. People who know how to work but also to enjoy the results of their work. Both were born and grown up between Timok and Stara planina. People who travelled "half the world" and learned well how to apply the world experience on Serbian environment.

Bata is a graduate economist, manager of several companies, once successful President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, a passionate hunter, a former football player, a great singer when the company is in the mood.

Vladan is a graduate forest engineer with a master at the Faculty of Agriculture, with a plenty of experience working for government, CSO and a little more for international organizations, a volunteer in several local associations, (not a hunter, but a passionate FC Red Star supporter).

They, in 2014, decided to dedicate part of their energy to their favourite drink. They decided to make brandy not only for themselves, but for the others. They decided to make brandy for their friends, for their loved ones, that they could offer it proudly to everyone.


And so the GOSPODSKA came...A brandy that preserves the taste of fruit

frutimo pecat

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