"Gospodska šljiva" - "Gentleman's Plum" is a top quality brandy that we produce from the hand picking plums from the slopes of Stara Planina.
During the processing, we extract the pit, which provide us a more luxurious taste and healthier product. The brandy is baked in small copper pot stills, in a traditional way. The distillation runs very slowly with good cooling, in order to obtain the best quality. Only the middle fraction (heart) of the distillate is separated. The "gentle plum" is characterized by the golden colour caused by aging in oak barrels and the full taste created by the sun and the specific microclimate.






"Gentleman's Plum" is certainly recommended as an aperitif with salads, cheeses and “meze”. It goes well with grill or beefsteak, with baking or meat under the “sač”, or as a digestive  (note: without coffee), after meals.ospodska šljiva“ se svakako preporučuje kao aperitiv uz salate, sireve i mezetluke. Odlična je i uz roštilj ili biftek, uz pečenja ili meso ispod sača, ili kao dižestiv (napomena: bez kafe), nakon jela.


If you drink it as a digestive, after meals, serve it slightly warmed and in wider glasses – just like a French cognac.

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